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Quantachrome UK work with carefully selected technology pioneers; Cilas, Dispersion Technology and Occhio.
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From particle formation to particle characterisation
Quantachrome UK Ltd is an expanding UK instrumentation company specialising in powder characterisation techniques.
We cover the UK, Ireland and Eastern European markets with a customer base that includes large multinational companies and leading universities and research centres.
We offer the following techniques:
  • Microfluidizers for particle size reduction, de-agglomeration, cell fracture
  • Particle size analysers
  • Particle shape analysers
  • Surface area, pore size, porosity, density measurement instruments
  • Instrumentation for advanced chemisorption studies; flow and static
  • Dynamic vapour sorption analysers
  • Electro-acoustic spectrometers for zeta potential and colloidal systems characterisation
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Role of the surface chemistry of the adsorbent on the initialization step of the water sorption process
AUTHORS: Velasco, Snoeck, Mignon,Misseeuw et al - Royal Military Academ, Belgium
PUBLISHED: 21-May-2016
USAGE: Dynamic water vapour sorption (DVS) isotherms of all the studied materials were performed in a gravimetric water sorption analyzer
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